To get a professional that is eager to help you as soon as possible with all your repairing needs, visit our website or call our phone number. Commercial fitness equipment service DFW at Service First Fitness Repair we are dedicated and ready to help you. Our team of experts will be able to provide smart and quality fitness solutions for a large company. We have a team that is a fun group and it enjoys being around each other. We promise to have honest and open communication with those we are serving, and each other. We want to make our experience fun and friendly so I promise to you enjoy our company. We cannot promise that we won’t make a mistake, but if we do make the mistake will always make it right. We always will continue to learn, develop and grow our relationships and capabilities for our business and for ourselves.

We currently have five technicians and two office staff that have been with us for 5 to 11 years. We have hard-working individuals who are willing and will support you with all of your equipment needs. We like to make an enjoyable work environment that we could all enjoy. If we can be happy with ourselves and happy with each other will be able to give the best experience for our clients and the people who we serve.

When it comes to us for all your Commercial fitness equipment service DFW We, as a team will make sure that you get the services that you deserve and we will work with vendors and our partners to be able to get you the parts to get your services repairs done in a timely manner. We all do diagnostics, service, and repairs but we also do preventative maintenance where will come in and clean the interior and vacuum and underneath and inside of your cardio equipment which is crucial for it to run smoothly. We will do an inspection of all the cables and will be able to lube all of your guiding rods on your equipment. Will check where is anything from Polleys, cables, and any other areas watch my show and show signs of wear and tear. Our team is not responsible for damage to equipment due to normal wear and tear.

For preventative maintenance services on our treadmill just to name a few, well open hood and vacuum. Will also clean outside the hood rails and consul, well inspect for cosmetic damages and warm parts to see what needs to be replaced. We also do inspections for walking and drive belt tensioning including display buttons. What also is included in a preventative maintenance service is will take a drug test prior to lube if needed for your amp. We will also lubricate under the walking belt if needed, underneath your lift system, and optional wheel and pivots. Our team will take the initiative to tighten all of your loose bolts and adjust your belts as needed, and will be able to register your record miles an hour if needed. Commercial fitness equipment service DFW, our professionals are dedicated and passionate about helping you.

To reach our office you can give us a call at 817 386 3021 to fill out a ticket online for one of our team members to reach out to you to get a repair done as soon as possible please visit our website at

Commercial Fitness Equipment Service Dfw | We Offer More Than Most

We offer more than most. Offering multiple services for all of your fitness equipment, at home or place of business. We work on treadmill elliptical and steppers, bikes with sealed covers, spin bikes, stop meals, and strength including ware as we will inspect all of the cables and the minimal weight, and even upholstery. We do monthly PMs. Our monthly PMs will include all of our monthly preventative maintenance services how long side sealed covered bikes every six months, that will cover that every other month, ellipticals covers every other month if operable if operational, spin bikes, and strength equipment complete in full. With one of a kind team and Commercial fitness equipment service DFW we are providing high-quality service to maintain and repair all of your gym experience is our top priority. With a team full of professionals who are well trained in with years and years of experience.

We are confident that you will be able to trust us with any of your fitness equipment repair needs and maintenance. We have a scene that is passionate about what they do and diligent in our work. We have a promise guarantee that if we make a mistake we will fix it. We usually work with multi-family housing, police and fire departments, hospitals and rehabs, high schools, and small gyms and that’s just to name a few. In our area, we are dedicated to serving our community with any of their Commercial fitness equipment service DFW. We are confident and believe that you will be happy with the service you receive from us and we hope that you will continue to that uses as your repair facility.

We work organized, and we make sure that we communicate with our clients about everything that is going on with the equipment. We take effective action for all of your exercise equipment repairs or maintenance. We are great at communication and will answer the phone and communicate with our customers. We outshine any other commercial fitness equipment service DFW. Make sure our customers are with us every step of the way with every decision and everyone prays that we make we are great at communication and we want you to have a good experience when working with us. We are able to minimize your expenses so we can keep you up and running in a cost-efficient way. Our customers are a top priority for us and we are here to help and serve our community.

To speak to one of our friendly staff members, give us a call at 817 386 3021for more information about what we have to offer please call us at