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OLD Office Address:

1409 S. Broadway St, Ste C
Joshua, TX 76058

New / Current Corporate Office Address:

501 S Caddo St
Cleburne, TX 76031

Open Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm


We service a 200 mile radius around the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, from Abilene to Longview, from Durant, Ok down to Austin and anywhere in between. Our office is based out of Joshua, TX but our techs are strategically located all around the metroplex. Our first-time customers continually become our long-term clients, as well as friends. They choose us because of our dedicated staff and excellent customer service. Our business has steadily grown throughout the years thanks to the referrals from our many satisfied customers. We are a woman owned and operated with HUB certification for over 11 years in the DFW area.

Service First Promises

We can’t promise we won’t make a mistake, but we can promise we will always make it right.

We promise to hold ourselves, vendors and partners accountable.

We promise to always maintain open and honest communications.

We promise to always make your experience fun and friendly.

We promise to always continue to learn, develop and grow our business, relationships and capabilities, as well as ourselves.


Who We Are

We are a woman owned and operated with HUB certification for over 11 years in the DFW area. We also extend out from Abilene to Longview, from Durant, Ok down to Austin and anywhere in between. Our technicians have anywhere from 5 to 30 years of experience. We have an amazing office staff that will take care of all your fitness equipment needs. Service First has a passionate team of experts that is small and personable enough to provide smart, quality fitness solutions of a large company.

We like to think of ourselves as a partner for your business. You hire us to help you save money, and we do. There are very few people you will meet with that much of a vested interest in the well-being and best solution for your business and fitness equipment. At Service First, we make sure we provide high quality, experience-based, valuable equipment repairs, we can even provide regular maintenance on your equipment to make sure that you are taking proper precautions to avoid costly repairs in the future. For your equipment, you want to maximize the value of that asset. That is what we can help with. Service First can help highlight all of the features and value your fitness equipment brings to your business.

We go above and beyond in every way possible to make sure that we are saving you money in the long run. We are in business to consult you through the smartest money decision for your Dallas-Fort Worth Commercial fitness equipment. When it comes to making sure that you are able to grow your business, you want to make sure that you are keeping your expenses minimized as much as possible.


Customer Service Excellence

We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them through extraordinary service.



We are best known for our amazing communication. From letting you know your parts are on order, or when they will arrive and when we will be back out for repair or service. Our technicians let you know when they are on their way or if they will be running late.



We are committed to a work environment where every employee is a valued team member, treated with respect, encouraged to contribute and recognized and rewarded for his or her efforts.



We act with honesty and inspire trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions. All team members are empowered to take the initiative to do what is right.


Service First is Just Like You!

We are in the Dallas-Fort Worth Commercial fitness equipment industry just like you. That is why we understand one thing, your expenses matter. If there was a way to save you money, we are the experts who will find that deal. At Service First, we go above and beyond to make sure that we are saving our clients money. After all, you are our top priority and making sure that you get the maximum amount you can for your investment is key for us. We will look out for you, our client every step of the way. We will never advise you or consult you on taking some type of alternative that will cost you money. At Service First, we are the ones that determine if a repair is what you need or if we need to suggest it’s time to check into new equipment. Either way, we are always the experts for Dallas-Fort Worth Commercial fitness equipment with you in mind. Additionally, We make sure that you get life out of all of your equipment and we make sure that we are the affordable solution in repair and labor fees. Again, you are our top priority and making sure that we are able to maximize your profit while minimizing your expenses in the fitness equipment service industry!


Who We Service

Multi-Family Housing

Universities and Colleges

Corporate Wellness

Country Clubs

City Recreation Centers

Police and Fire Departments

Hospitals & Rehabs

Hospitality Industry

HomeOwners’ Associations

High Schools

Small Gyms

Trust Service First for all of your commercial or residential gym equipment needs. For most equipment repair providers, the goal is to repair the equipment. At Service First, we go above and beyond in every way to make sure we guide you to the proper solution, and sometimes, that may or may not be a repair. We weight the pros and cons, and we make sure to give you an accurate cost benefit analysis and consider what is best for you, and your gym.

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