Are you in need of Dallas Workout Equipment Repair? Then we are the company for you. We specialize in workout equipment repair with over 20+ years of experience in the industry. We are the recognized leaders in the industry for the DFW area so you know that you will be in the best hands to take care of your equipment. Whether you are a home gym or a commercial gym owner we can help keep those doors open in the event that necessary equipment goes down. Some may ask why not just get a new piece of equipment? While going new may help fix the current problem it doesn’t mean it won’t break down later. So save that money and keep you equipment running like its new with Service First.

Service First helps with Dallas Workout Equipment Repair. The go to and first stop sop for the DFW area. They have the right service for you regardless of the brand of the equipment. The most popular brands such as Precor, Power Plate, Life Fitness, Octane, StairMaster, Schwinn and many more are some of the most requested to be worked on. Whether its brand new or an older piece of equipment, Service First is the first move to ensure you the quality work you have been looking for.

When searching for Dallas Workout Equipment Repair, there’s only one stop you need to make. If you are like most, you’ll want to perform preventative maintenance for all equipment so we can identify any issues before they become big problems. Preventative maintenance is very important when it comes to identifying issues prior to them, becoming large problems that might require buying new equipment. Here with Service First they have the technicians with me experience required to be able to identify even the smallest of problems before they become the largest of issues.

When it comes to to finding the right company for your equipment, other things to consider outside of years of experience in the industry, is the number of technicians that they have in order to be able to help you and have accessibility to a technician. with five technicians for the DFW area, you know that there will be someone there to assist you whenever piece of your equipment goes awry. The team is now only experience, but passionate about helping everyone of their clients. So make sure to schedule your appointment with our dedicated phone person Deb. She loves assisting and helping getting one of their technicians to diagnose your issues not only quickly but efficiently.

All technicians are factory authorized and insured. They have a long list of suppliers of quality parts at a fair price. This is important, because when it comes to finding a specific piece or part They can go from one to another in case that part is not available. Every repair includes a full tuneup which is incredible because it also comes with a 30 day warranty for labor.So if this sounds like its the right company for your equipment call at 817-386-3021 or visit

Dallas Workout Equipment Repair | Run, Repair, Run again

Ever seeked Dallas Workout Equipment Repair? Were You running and your treadmill happened to break down? Or do you have an old piece of equipment that’s been sitting in your garage for months that could be easily fixed but just haven’t had the time? Well, let the technicians at service first come diagnose and take care of your issue. you running and your treadmill happen to break down? Or do you have an old piece of equipment that’s been sitting in your garage for months that could be easily fixed but just haven’t had the time? Well, let the technicians at service first come diagnose and take care of your issue. With over 20 years of experience, not only can they help get your gym up and running but also take a look at any other equipment for preventative measures.

Most people don’t think about their gym equipment, needing maintenance until it has become a problem, this is my preventative measures are important and a part of an integral Dallas Workout Equipment Repair process forest service first did you recently purchased a piece of equipment but it’s just not acting the way that it should. Do you need Dallas work out equipment repair?.Call Service First, with their 5 technicians they service the entire DFW metroplex to ensure all gym are up and running the way that they should be. No gym should go without thinking or knowing someone that can help fix their equipment. They understand the price tag that comes with some of this equipment so they value any business that comes their way.

The highest rated and the most reviewed fitness equipment service provider for the DFW area you know you are in the best hands. This comes with a 30 day craftsman ship warranty which is nearly unheard of. Most companies will come to fix an issue and its momentarily fixed but breakdowns at a later time. THis would cause them to come back for a second time and charge again. Not with Service First, they guarantee that if it breaks down within the next 30 days that they come back and do what is right. That is the top priority for Service First. Sometimes its hard to find dallas workout equipment repair. But dont fret Service First covers such a large area in Texas they can lend a hand.

Sometimes you don’t want to have random people in your home and gym, which is completely understandable. All technicians are background checked, drug tested and uniformed so you know its Service First at your doorsteps. All technicians put the clients first and do what is best you or your business. So if you were running and the machine broke down, call Service First so you can run again. Call us at 817-386-3021 or if you’d like to review our testimonials visit for the best service that a fitness repair equipment company can provide that.