Do you own fitness equipment? have you ever needed Fitness Equipment Service Dallas? what if you have we are the perfect solution for you. we here at Service First specialize in servicing fitness equipment. with our services you can lower your downtime and even lower repair cost as well you can probably add life to your equipment. our main goal and mission is to improve the Dallas-Fort Worth commercial fitness equipment service industry by putting our clients first and doing what is best for their business needs. one of the things that stands out is we have been family certified woman owned and operated since 2010.

If you need Fitness Equipment Service Dallas you should call us here at service first. we are Factory authorized and and insured our train technicians will diagnose your problem at the farest price and get you back up and running in shape fast. once we have a diagnosis Usually the repair requires some sort of part. we have a long list of suppliers that we can go through in order to provide quality parts and fair prices. and we also include of a full tune up with every repair by a trained professional technician.

In order to provide you with the best fitness equipment service Dallas we leave you with a 30-day warranty on craftsmanship. so basically if it’s not this right we do it again. we have prices to start as low as $99 for a dog’s agnostic visit I can range up for parts installation and other services like cable making, belt and deck replacement, new rollers and drive belts. we also can do almost any repair on all makes and models. Commercial service and maintenance for over 30 years. so be sure to visit our website today so we can help you.

You can also take advantage of our primitive maintenance service as well. those Services include preventative maintenance on a quarterly or a monthly basis and this is needed per facility requests. and as part of our continued efforts to best assist our customers with their Fitness equipment, we are able to offer a preventative maintenance program that is unmatched in the history industry. we will provide you with perennial maintenance on your equipment based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. we can also clean interior and vacuum underneath and inside your cardio equipment.

We welcome you and invite you to visit our website so you can take a look at all of our services to help you provide the best quality fitness equipment to your clients available. our mission is to be able to service you so that to ensure that fitness equipment is up and running at all times. so you can also visit our website and see our reviews and see how where we do with our clients and servicing their fitness equipment so if you would like just go ahead and visit our website today at service or you can give us a call at 817-386-3021

Fitness Equipment Service Dallas| Commercial Customers

If you are a commercial customer you can receive a free diagnosis on your first visit which is basically $139 value this is how we try to be the best fitness equipment service Dallas providers in the area. and we are knowledgeable and almost all brands of fitness equipment we can service Brands such as precor, power plate, Life fitness, cybex, octane, true, free motion, stairmaster, star trek, and Schwinn which are among all of the popular brands in the fitness equipment industry. so beautiful to give us a call today.

You can also check on our website and meet some of our team and how they got started in this industry at fitness equipment service dallas. Some of our team members have been working together for over 20 years yes that is a lot of experience 20 years goes a long way. of course we have added to our team members as we grow. we try to work together more as a family unit, even having fun and playing tricks on each other once in awhile. so this we are in more laid back style of work which is why all of our team members come to your place of business with a smile on their face.

Just so you can understand a little bit where we came from, Service First was started in 2002 by Levon Moss as an Avenue to provide excellent service in the DFW and surrounding areas. he was able to grow the business with two technicians over the next few years in providing fitness equipment service dallas. after that Leah wheeler purchased the business from Levon and has run it ever since. so be sure and visit our website so you can check the rest of the story of how we started. This is the place to find a really good piece of equipment.

If you visit our website you can see that we have a dedicated person to always answer the phone, we have 84 total Google reviews, we are rated at 4.9 Stars yes almost five-star rating because we believe in providing you with the best service available. we also offer a 30d labor warranty we also service all manufacturer warranties, and we have fair pricing for all of our customers. so be sure to give us a call or you can visit our website so that you can speak with one of our representatives and helping servicing your business equipment today.

So no matter if you’re looking for a service for your treadmill or exercise bikes or whatever it may be as service first we have got the right service just for you. so if you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas we are a chop choice for service and repair for fitness equipment. we believe our passion and dedication for Fitness has helped us become a recognized leader in the fitness service and repair industry so visit us on our website today at or you can simply just give us a call at 817-386-3021.