As a woman that owned and operated with a hub certification for over 11 years, we are able to be strategically located, this allows us to serve a 200-mile radius around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and anywhere in between. We are able to accommodate your area within our radius. We promise to maintain open and honest communication, our fitness machine technicians Dallas or dedicated to making sure that your experience is fun and friendly as one of our customers. We promise to always continue to learn and develop through our relationships and capabilities. We have an amazing staff that will be able to take care of all of your fitness equipment needs servicing all the brand names and making models. We provide personal enough experience to provide smarter, quality fitness solutions for a small or large company.

Will be able to communicate with you about all of your repair needs. Our dedicated Fitness machine technicians Dallas Will be able to communicate all steps including diagnostics, and maintenance for all of your repairs or services. Will be able to let you know if we’re on when we’re on our way over it will be running late. Will be able to make sure that all your parts are in order and that they will be arriving at the time that we say that they will be arriving. We want to make sure that we are all on the same page with our customers throughout the whole process all there is no miscommunication. I wanna know I want to know when your equipment will be up and running in a timely manner.

At Service First, we have a group of fitness machine technicians Dallas, Who are more than willing to help you with any of your fitness repair needs. We want to assure you that you will be satisfied with the service you receive. We are big on integrity and allowing our words to match with our actions. When we communicate with our customers we ourselves want to make sure that we have all the details about your repair needs. Whether you are needing preventative maintenance, service or repairs, or new equipment. We want to be able to open communication with you about your repair needs and the needs of your facility.

Missions are knowledgeable and they have been in this industry for over 5 to 30 years. They were able to give you answers to all of your questions and to be able to service your equipment to the best of their knowledge. We hope our customers will be able to appreciate all of the hard work that we put into making sure your equipment is up and running. We like to give our customers a quality experience with a professional team that is allowing them to put their trust in us with all of their equipment repair needs.

You can call today for a free quote by becoming a first-time commercial customer at 817 386 3021 from her services online to be able to submit a ticket for your service and repairs and get your schedule today you can visit our website at

Fitness Machine Technicians Dallas | More About Us

We have a small fitness machine technicians Dallas staff. Having a smaller staff we are able to communicate better Allowing our team members to stay on the page about our repairs for our customers. We have a team that is passionate about sure our customers get the best experience and services that they deserve. Our office staff Hass Maass, has owned and operated the service for us for 7+ years. Today he manages the technicians and handles processing all of our work orders. He has a background of 30+ years in the fitness industry where he started building treadmills right here in Texas. With five children and all the grandbabies keeping him busy he is still dedicated to giving our customers the satisfaction that they deserve.

For your next repair, our group of fitness machine technicians Dallas is serving surrounding areas within a 200-mile radius. Our staff is able to give our customers an outstanding experience. Our office manager Debra Chesnust came to us in June 2013. Her friendly voice to all of our customers has been recognized and counted on every single day as she schedules and handles any praises or concerns customers may have. She is our voice in helping our customers with Service First in any way which is needed. We service all types of companies from anything from multi-family housing to small gyms, hospitals and rehabs, police and fire departments, and even city recreational centers and many more. We do manufacture warranties services, allowing us to service your exercising equipment that has a manufacture’s warranty with it being covered under warranty.

Fitness machine technicians Dallas are fully equipt when arriving on the scene allowing us to be able to finish a service and repair in a timely manner without having to go back and forth for tools and parts. We want to make sure that our team is prepared when arriving at your location to service your fitness machines. We want to make sure that we have all parts and tools to be able to repair your equipment. We will be able to communicate to you whether we’re on our way if we’re going to be late, and even if your parts are going to be on time. Will communicate with you when your parts were placed for shipping or when they have arrives and when will be on the scene.

We have a team that is dedicated to maintaining open honest communication and will hold ourselves accountable including our vendors and partners accountable to. We can’t promise we won’t make a mistake but we can promise will always make it right, we plan to make your experience fun and friendly with our staff who is eager and passionate to help you. We provide smart and qualified solutions for a large or small company that will be able to have a team of passionate experts that will be able to accommodate all of your repair needs.

Any questions or concerns you can reach out to one of our office staff at 817 386 3021 to fill out a form online so I have one of our staff minute members reach out to you about your maintenance or repair needs you can visit our website at