For your fitness repairs make sure to call the very best Fitness Machine Technicians Dallas. Who is the very best in the business when it comes to servicing your fitness equipment? We believe that it is service first in Texas. Our services have been owned and operated by women since 2010 and all of our technicians are well-educated in fitness equipment repair. There’s no more downtime when it comes to servicing your equipment. We will give you results quickly and efficiently. If you do not know anything about servicing your own equipment, they call the professionals and we will be able to swiftly fix any of your fitness equipment problems.

Are you curious about Fitness Machine Technicians Dallas? How do we train our professionals? We make sure that our professionals have 5 to 10 years of experience in servicing fitness equipment. All of our technicians are drug tested and uniformed so that we can keep it professional environment and serve you better as our client. Our diagnostic services and repair Services are used by many and loved by all. I preventative maintenance. The plan is very popular among several large gym owners. If you do not want to deal with downtime anymore then call the professionals, and we will make sure that your equipment stays up and running.

What is our atmosphere like and what is our company culture? Our company culture is fun vibrant and exciting. We keep it a professional environment but we never miss a chance. To have some fun. Our technicians are all very friendly and well. Equipped with the knowledge necessary to serve your fitness equipment properly. Fitness Machine Technicians Dallas is the highest-rated and most reviewed technician that you can find. If you want to work with a company that always has your best interest in mind and wants to repair your gym equipment quickly and efficiently, work with the very best of the business.

Our diagnostic visits start at $99 for a non-first-time client but if you are a first-time commercial business owner, then we will give you this consultation for free. Our parts and installation vary in price because of our parts price. We have a 30-day warranty so if your equipment goes down after we have repaired it, then have no worry because we will be on it to repair it and have it up and running again. Our commercial servicing for gym equipment started in 2010 and we have learned so much since then. We have been professionally trained to diagnose problems, and then fix them properly. If you wanna maintenance repair service that is reliable and Swift, then give us a call and be up and running again.

If you were tired of your equipment, running down at the most inopportune times, you should call the professionals at service first. Our business provides you with a preventative maintenance plan to make sure that you can stay up and running throughout your whole workday. You can find more information about our services and maintenance program on our website at If you want your service to start today, then give us a call at 817-386-3021

Fitness Machine Technicians Dallas | Maintenance Plans to Satisfy

Let the professionals At Fitness Machine Technicians Dallas handle all your service system and preventative maintenance care for all of your gym equipment. We pride ourselves on the fact that we get it right the first time or we will redo it. We make sure that you have a 30-day warranty so that even when we repair your equipment if it doesn’t last, we will come back and fix it. This 30-day warranty has attracted so many customers because no one else has this kind of customer service. Our trained professionals know exactly how to service your equipment and fix everything that needs repairing. If you are looking for a maintenance service that can keep your gym equipment up and running then give us a call and we will gladly help.

With our preventative maintenance plan that the Fitness Machine Technicians Dallas provides, you will get everything that you’ve ever wanted. We inspect cables and lube guide rods to make sure that your equipment strength is up-to-date. Accurate maintenance will prevent breakdowns and only ensure your success. We will never give you anything less than our very best. We are the experts in everything fitness equipment. We strive every single day to learn more and more about our industry so that we can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate equipment service. We tailor the price based on your equipment, and we serve many different types of equipment. Some of the equipment that we will repair or maintain is treadmills, ellipticals and steppers, bikes, spin bikes, step mills, strength training equipment, and more. No matter what your gym looks like we promise that we will be able to serve you and repair your fitness equipment properly. There is no other service that will work as quickly as we will be there.

With so much reassurance, you should feel very safe using our services. When you use our services, you will be so satisfied that you want to tell every single person that you know about us. If you are a gym owner and need to keep your gym running 24 seven, choose are equipment maintenance plan. With these plans, we will service all of the above equipment and anything else that you may have in your gym. The Fitness Machine Technicians Dallas are driven to give you quality results and excellent service.

When it comes to servicing treadmills, we will clean the outside hood rails and consul. We will open the hood and make sure that it is all vacuumed out, we will test the operations, and we will take an amp draw test prior to lube. There are several things that we can do when it comes to servicing your treadmill and other fitness equipment. If you were interested in our services and need a repair today, then visit our website at or schedule your first time free consultation by calling us at 817-386-3021