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We are an extremely harmonious group at Treadmill Repair Dallas and we are here to serve you. We have been in business for over 11 years in the d FW area. We are a woman owned and operated business with Hub certification. We also extended our service from Abilene to longview. We service Durant, Oklahoma down to Austin and anywhere in between. Our technicians have anywhere from 5 to 30 years of experience! We have an amazing staff that is ready and willing to serve you. Service First is our motto. We have a passionate team of experts that is small but mighty. We are able to provide you with quality service at the rate you want. We have service first promises that you will not be able to say no to.

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We would like to help you with your treadmill. If you want to visit us at Servicefirst-tx.com to schedule a free diagnostics test that is worth over $139 then you can do so immediately. You can also do so by calling 817-386-3021 today! We are here for you and we are able to support you in a way that you have never had before when it comes to your treadmill. We know the ins and outs of making sure your treadmill is working right and is ready to bring value to your customers that only it can do. We are highly recommended amongst all customers. We look forward to working and serving you!

Treadmill Repair Dallas | repair for your treadmill

If you are looking for a Treadmill Repair Dallas then look no further than Service First. We are a service first fitness equipment repair. If you would like to know about us, we are a company that is owned by women who have been in business for over 11 years and our Hub certified. We currently have five technicians and two office staff that have been with us anywhere from 5:00 to 11 years. We are close to a team that enjoys being around each other and we also love to fix your treadmill. There’s no lack of hard work in our group and we always find the time to have fun. We strive to lift each other up to make sure that our environment is fun and tolerable everyday.

We service all types of companies and we can give you some examples. Here at Treadmill Repair Dallas we have multi-family housing, University and colleges, corporate wellness, country clubs, City Recreation centers, police and fire departments, hospitals and rehabs, the industries, police fire, we also have homeowner associations, High School gyms and small gyms. I bet you didn’t realize how many places have treadmills! We also have some manufacturers that we Service as well.

We service manufacturers at Treadmill Repair Dallas and we are prepared to take care of them with a level of excellence. Some of the manufacturers include free motion, matrix, Power plate, techno gym, Sports art, Schwinn quality, nautilus, and Cybex. The types of equipment we service are not limited to treadmills. We also service ellipticals, stair climbers, rowers, cross trainers,. it doesn’t end there we service steppers, exercise bikes, our trainers, spin bikes and finally strength equipment. We are your experts in gym equipment and making it work properly.

you have come to the right place to make sure that your equipment is functioning properly. We service anything and everything when it comes to treadmills and elliptical type machines. we even go further than that if you want to see a list of all the things that we service you can go to our website or you can look at the list of above. With our services you can load your downtime, lower your repair class as well as ADD life to your equipment. Our goal is to improve the Dallas-Fort Worth commercial Fitness experience by bringing a quality service to our gyms and areas that use these types of equipment.

If you need any type of service or you have any questions you can reach out to us at our by visiting Servicefirst-tx.com. By calling 817-386-3021 we can take care of any of your service needs in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex area! look to us for the items you need fixed in your gym. We even service at a residential level. If you need a diagnosis, service or Paris we are at the place to come. We will go through our long list of suppliers of Quality Parts at fair prices. If someone doesn’t want to go through this process of fixing things we’ll do it for them.