The team at Service First does Treadmill Repair Dallas. Are you running on your Treadmill and notice something off or things flashing that shouldn’t be? have you run for an extended period of time and realize that the treadmill wasn’t tracking it. is the treadmill belt not moving? or is a piece of your equipment not functioning the way that it should? That means that its time we have a professional take a look at it. They not only get scheduled quickly but diagnose the problems efficiently and quickly. No reason for the gym to be down because of one piece of equipment. Lets keep it open with the correct and necessary parts to get that machine running like new. All machines and electronics need maintenance from time to time. So let your local professionals take care of you with the highest quality customer service available.

Are you in need of Treadmill Repair Dallas? Then you have come to the right place. The team has been together for over 20 years and Service First is like a family working towards always doing what’s right for the customer, who is our top priority. With our passion and dedication to fitness we ensure safety and top tier customer service.

Do you own one of these popular exercise equipment brands: Precor, Power plate, life fitness, cybex, octane, true, freemotion, stairmaster, star trac and schwinn. Regardless of the brand our professionals can help take care of your local equipment. We have a dedicated person that answers all phone calls, highly rates and highly reviewed. Not only are you getting your equipment fixed but we guarantee our labor for 30 days which is unheard of in the local area of Dallas. Our pricing is now low and not high. We are in the middle where affordability takes precedent. No matter if its Treadmill Repair Dallas or recumbent exercise bikes, we have the right service just for you. Knowledgable staff, communication through every step, certified, trained and professional technicians are just a glimpse of what you can expect from Service first. We all know pricing isn’t always the biggest decision maker but the quality service you are receiving. We pair both pricing and quality top service to make sure that we do 100% right by you.

Because of your passion we have been identified as a recognized leader in fitness service and repair. Whether its your home gym equipment or commercial we can cover it all. If you call today dont forget about asking about out free diagnosis for all 1st commercial customers. If you want more information on our services or want to review testimonials please visit or give us a call at 817-386-3021.

Treadmill Repair Dallas | When Choosing The Right Technician For Your Equipment

When it comes to choosing the right treadmill repair dallas, we understand there are many things that you take into consideration. Consideration for things such as pricing kind of customer service you are getting the type of equipment that’s being serviced, do they have reviews, are you highly rated, to even how do they answer the phone. with all these things to take into consideration we suggest you consider giving us a try. we understand that there’s such a variety of equipment but with our technicians who are trained in all of the popular brands you have nothing to worry about.

When considering your technicians its important you take a look at time they have spent in the industry, The company was started in 2002 and the business has grown to over five technicians as the largest fitness equipment service provider in the DFW area.Such repairs are treadmill repair dallas. the technicians are stationed throughout the Metroplex to better serve the customers. Someone who you will grow to love is Haas who is the master of all equipment related things in the business. He’s been a field technician for over 20 years and knows all the popular brands in and out. so when it comes to timing you know we have the largest experience in the service industry for DFW.

How do you know when you found the right technician? When you call for treadmill repair dallas when you call Service first you know you have achieved the highest quality possible. When it comes to your gym whether its a home gym or you own a commercial gym we can fix anything you have. When you give us a call we actually have a dedicated person for incoming phone calls and scheduling. She schedules the technicians and makes sure you receive the highest of quality customer service. All work comes with a 30 day labor warranty on all services and repairs. Why is this important? We understand that not all fixes are immediate sometimes it takes time for issues to appear. Other times one issue causes a secondary issue so fixing the first issue doesn’t always appear. By offering a 30 day guarantee on our labor we insure that within that month you have all your service issues repaired.

It’s important to meet the team when it comes for choosing the right technician for your equipment.
It’s important for the team to have core values such as a promise to always make it right, even when mistakes are made. Having a team that will hold themselves and their partners accountable. Always maintaining an open and honest line of communication. The promise to continue to grow, lean and develop not just the business but the relationships, including themselves. Currently if you are looking for a team we are the team with various members around the DFW metroplex. Some of our great technicians include Lucas Blasio with more than 20 years in the industry, Branden Collins covering the East Texas area for the last 7 years. Craig Scudder who brings over 20+ years of experience with fitness equipment management and repairs. More new on the team is Bobby Barrett who started 6 years ago who manages the Dallas warehouse and area.

We understand the frustration and difficulty that comes with choosing the right person for the job. Call is at or call us at 817-386-3021